Sales Funnel

Everything You need To know

This Is A Complete Guide to Learn About Sales Funnels. This is going to be the Guide You are Searching for. We are Going to Talk on A to Z about Creating a Funnel. 

In this We are going to Learn In-depth knowledge of

  • Fundamentals of Creating a Funnel
  • Types of Funnel
  • Landing Page
  • Copywriting.

There are many more and we are going to Learn One by One.

website Traffic



Fundamentals of Creating Funnel

In This Chapter, We are going to talk about The Fundamentals of Website Traffic. 
We will Talk about the Topics like:

  • What is a Funnel
  • Why Should we Create a Funnel
  • How Funnel will help you in Your Business
  • Things to Keep in Mind

So , Lets Learn the Fundamentals First. 

Website Traffic Fundamentals

What Is Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel is the Journey of  the Customer to make any Transactional Action. Means the Step by Step Journey made for a  Customer which help them to end up with some Transactional Action is called Sales Funnel

Simply, the Definition of Sales Funnel is in it only.

Lets Talk about it.

Who is Your Potential Traffic

we will talk

Types Of Website Traffic

Lets Understand The Two Basic Type of Website Traffic.

  • Organic Traffic 
  • Paid Traffic (PPC)


Types of Funnel

This is The Second Chapter and the Most Important Chapter of this Guide. Because It is the Ultimate Goal All the Digital Marketers Want. 

We will learn in Depth about 


  • What is Organic Traffic
  • Why it is so much Important
  • How to Get Traffic Organically
  • Various Ways to get Organic traffic.

We will Learn All this from Beginner to Advance Level. 

let’s Start..

What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is a Type of Web Traffic which we get Directly from Search Engine for free. Means Without any  money Invested if any Audience finds us on Search Engine for solving there problems or Fall in the Exact or closest query Which they have searched.


Landing Page

In This Chapter, We are Going to learn about All the Aspects of Paid Traffic one by one.


  • What is Paid  Traffic or PPC
  • Types of Paid Traffic.
  • Search Engine Marketing

let’s Start from Beginner and go to Advance Level.

What Is PPC?

PPC Stands For Pay Per Click.   PPC or Paid Traffic is the way to drive Traffic to Your Website by Paid Means.



Psychology Before Creating a Funnel

In This Chapter, We are Going to learn about “Search Engine Optimization”.

Also more about The Ways to Get Quality Traffic.

  • What is Quality Traffic
  • What is SEO
  • How to Learn SEO

So Lets Get Started..

What Is Quality Web Traffic?

Quality Website Traffic is the Term Referred to the Traffic from the perspective of Website Owners or POV of the Website Owners.

Why I am Saying This?

Let me Explain, As a Website Owner [Matured] What do we think?

We think of Traffic to our Website and That too of Loyal Traffic. Loyal Traffic Means the Traffic who Stays on our Website or Post, Engage, and Also finds Our Post the Right Result for their Searched Query.  

And This Type of website Traffic is called Quality Traffic or Quality Web Traffic.



Email Copywriting

In This Chapter, We are Going to learn about the different Ways How You Can Drive Website Traffic. 

This Traffic may be free or paid.


  • Best ways to get paid Traffic
  • Best way to get  Free traffic

Lets learn One by One..

How do Beginner get Web Traffic on Their Website

It is most important to Understand How a Beginner can start getting traffic to their website. We will talk About This in a While. 


Ways to Monetize Traffic

In This Chapter, We are Going to learn the Monetization Process. To Monetize the traffic is the Ultimate gal for every one.


  • Adsense 
  • Banner Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
There are many ways lets Learn it one by one..

Every Website owner has a dream to get more and More Quality Website Traffic so that they can Start making Money from It By Monetizing it. Soo to day we are Going to Learn How We can Monetize the Traffic.

How to Monetize Web Traffic?

See, There are various Ways How You Can monetize Your Traffic and We are going to talk One by One on the ways of Monetization.