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Who is Vidya Bhushan

The Founder of “millionmarkclub (Million Mark ClubVidya Bhushan  is a Digital Marketer from India. A Mechanical Engineer turned to the Marketer. He is a Digital Entrepreneur, Blogger, Youtuber,  Author, Funnel Strategist.


Why Million Mark Club

 Worked 9+ years in Digital Marketing Industry. Learned Everything by Experiencing Tried and Tested everything from Content Writing , SEO, PPC Ads to Copywriting and Funnel Building. Faced to much of fails and hits as well. This Blog is Started after 34-35 failed blogs and that fail taught him a lot and here he shares the learnings as well as  Fails both Transparently. 
His Ideas Will help you build a Successful Brand and Strategies will help you get more and more business. and his Fails on other Hand will stop you from losing Money and Reduce the losses and also guide like Map  to go in the Right Streets without any Hustle.